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Offering Wholesale Prices For Bulk Used Media

Katie's Stores

We are the first online store selling media at low price that does not require resellers permits. We have fantastic reviews and feedback. We provide the best priced wholesale media online. We offer many different types of lots for all of our customers. Stock up on items and  make extra money by selling at flee markets, garage sales and online. We give all of our customers an opportunity to buy low and sell high by offering the best quality dvd movies, kids dvd movies and shows, cds, video games and more. We not not include any fillers in our lots. We take out all odd ball/dollar store media items from our lots. We want all of our customers to be repeat buyers not a one time transaction! Katie's Stores Strives to give the best possible customer service to build relationships for the long run. We always make things right for our customers. So buy with confidence!


Contact us through our website if you like us to post any of our items on here to be able to give you the best deal!

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