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Why Buy Physical Media?

If you’re struggling to clear space on your computer or in your entertainment library for the latest music, movies, and video games, it’s time to consider investing in physical media. While the world is pivoting towards digital media as the primary way of consuming media, physical media is still standing strong, especially among collectors and resellers. Below, we take a look at three reasons why you should hold onto those disks and think about buying hard copies for your shelf.​​

1. Physical media does not rely solely on your internet connection.

You’ve probably experienced it at some point—you’re streaming your favorite movie or catching the latest episode of your favorite TV series when everything suddenly stops. With digital media, you run into common problems such as your internet connection going down or the speed of your network causing your show to buffer for a long time. Physical media simplifies the entire process—so long as your electricity’s working, you can get to the next level of your game or find out how an episode or movie ends.

2. A physical CD, DVD, or video game is something you own forever.

If you buy your music, movies, and games through a digital service, then you’ve probably had to create an online account. Even the most secure streaming platforms aren’t guaranteed to work all the time or to stay in business. For example, in 2018, online subscription and streaming service FilmStruck went out of business. This means that FilmStruck customers lost the ability to watch their favorite classic and independent movies! If you have a physical DVD, CD, or game, you don’t have to rely on an outside service or business to retain access to your media.


3. A physical DVD, CD, or game might save you money in the long run.

Like streaming and subscription services, entertainment systems are constantly changing. Gone are the days of MP3s players and VHS tapes. Your phone can now double as your music and video player. These changes in technology further impact your ability to access media. Have a favorite obscure movie or cult classic?  What happens if it’s discontinued digitally or your entertainment system no longer supports that particular format? The answer is that you might have to replace that favorite movie/music/game with the most current digital format—but not if you own a physical copy!

You should also consider that digital media takes up space, and the more data you use, the more money you spend. Digital files are increasing in size, which is why many individuals find themselves investing in more data storage solutions, such as hard drives or cloud storage, just to run certain digital media files. With physical media like CDs, DVDs, and game disks, your biggest investment in storage is shelf space!

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