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Wholesale DVD Movies

Katie’s Stores is a high-quality wholesale DVD movie supplier and distributor. We are the first online store selling DVDs in bulk at affordable prices without requiring reseller’s permits. Our wholesale DVD movies are perfect for resale shops, thrift stores, or individuals who want to make extra cash reselling media.

Our bulk DVDs are assorted, so while we cannot guarantee that a particular film or series will be in your order, we work to give you the widest selection of contemporary media possible. Our wholesale DVD movie selection includes TV series, contemporary movies, kids’ movies/TV shows, and more.

Our bulk DVD shipments contain authentic movies and are packaged without any unwanted promotional materials or products. These wholesale DVD movie shipments can contain up to 1,000 DVDs and up to 500 TV show seasons. Simply choose the number of DVDs you’d like to purchase, and we’ll fulfill your order within three business days. We offer free shipping on most purchases for U.S. customers!

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