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Make extra money selling media

Here we are about a month out from Christmas and your thinking to yourself "I wish I had some extra money for shopping" but how you may ask yourself. Well we are here to help and our blog series on reselling media will definitely help guide you in the right direction.

Even though many people will say that physical media is fading away this is actually incorrect, as a direct distributor of cds, dvd, blu rays, and books our company has been growing year over year due to the increase of customers preferring to purchase affordable and quality product. We have even helped customers open retail stores where they sell everything for 3$ or less. So lets actually dive deeper into how exactly you can make money reselling used media.






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Lets say you purchase a full pallet of kids dvds at a cost of $400, there will be around 1000-1300 titles per pallet many of which have a retail cost of over 15$ We do not pull out any disney movies or cherry pick any titles so you are getting A+ material. (why dont we do this ourselves you may ask) we would if we where not contractually obligated to process multiple truckloads per week. Anyways you list lets say 500 items on mercari at 10$ each or even spread the items out between ebay, amazon and mercari. even if 300 items sell you are now at $3000 from a 400$ initial investment and you still have over 500 units left over. You can sell them in bulk or piece them out and do the same thing.

Of course nothing is easy as it seems but with hard work you can fairly simply add an additional income to your household that will not only help you with extra christmas shopping but even pay your mortgage and car payments. This was only one example using a kids dvd pallet. Keep in mind that we have full pallet of tv show box sets, regular dvds, kids dvds, cds, and even books.



No pallet jack no forklift? no problem! if you decide to order a full pallet we will first run freight quote for you. If the price works for you then we move forward with setting up your pallet for shipment. All single pallets can deliver to your house as most delivery companies come equipped with a lift gate and pallet jack so they can do all the work for you. You dont need a warehouse to start off or even a storage unit. A garage or good size living room can do the job.

Next week we will be covering how to sell on ebay and amazon. We are here to help you grow so stay tuned and we hope you enjoyed part 1

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