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Selling media part 2 Ebay & Amazon

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Here we are again it is Tuesday so take out your notebooks and lets dive right into part 2 of our "make money selling media" blog. I will try to cover as much as I can in this blog in regards to maximizing eBay and Amazon sales. So you ordered a pallet of media and now your telling yourself ok I need to start making some money enough with the investing I want to start seeing a return. As an example here we will use a pallet of kids dvds, the same can be applied to any other pallets of media. Lets start with ebay and what is ebay really good for?

-Bulk Lots

-Small lots

-larger lots

-Lots by genre

-Lots by age group(for kids primarily)

-Single item listings for higher value items


By now your done separating all of your kids dvds and your going to notice that you have x amount of barney, thomas the train, and lets say baby einstein. The multiple copies of the same name shows are perfect for lot sales. A lot sale is basically a bundle of 10 or more items in one listing. The benefit of making these lots is that you can raise the price to a premium because of the labor and time your spending sorting and categorizing. By now your probably saying wait, shipping is going to cost a ton. Well not exactly because the beauty of selling media is that it falls under a shipping category for usps that is about 50-70% cheaper than regular postage such as ground or priority mail. This is called media mail and can only be used for things such as books, cds and dvds. You can ship a 24lb package for about 15-17$ yes it may take longer to ship but the savings with media mail cant be beaten by any other carrier.

This means extra money in your pocket and thats what its all about right?

The same concept can apply to full cd pallets, we are currently selling our music cd pallets for about $295 before shipping. Each pallet has over 3000 cds. You can spend some time categorizing these cds by genre and sell them as a lot of 10-20-30cds or more. By selling a specific genre you are targeting a larger customer base and can mark up your price slightly higher to make it worth your while doing all the sorting. You can also sign up for cd buyback websites to make sure nothing goes to waste.



This is a very good question and yes we will answer it for you. Also this will transition into Amazon sales as well. We are now living in a time where technology is at our fingertips. The best thing to do as your sorting through your pallets is to scan all of the barcodes to check the used online sales price and rank. (we will get into ranks in in another post) Luckily there are many softwares for this that are very affordable. there are softwares such as asellertool, scoutiq, and fbascan.

The primary point of these softwares is to go through all of your inventory and make sure you don't leave out any items that might be those gems worth $10 or more so that you can maximize your profits. Keep in mind that nothing can go to waste or unchecked because sometimes you can find that 1 item that is worth 10-50$ just for 1 item. Think of it as treasure hunting in a sense.

Now you wont always find those gems but when you do it makes it that much more fun to dig through your pallets.

By now you should have your bundles listed on websites such as mercari and ebay and sales are starting to trickle in. Also simultaneously you will now have an amazon account where you are listing those hard to find items, Keep in mind that if your are restricted from selling media on amazon you can always use ebay to sell the high ticket single items.

For the next week I want you to start doing your homework and familiarizing yourselves with ebay, amazon, facebook marketplace, and mercari if you have not done so. If this seems like its too much work then it may not be for you, but if you have that spark of entrepreneurship and want to start making income then I suggest you take this advice and start applying it.

If you find these blog series helpful please let us know and we will keep putting this type of material out every week. Also if you have any questions leave it in the comment box below and we will get everything answered.

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